Here’s to us;

How would i put this? I honestly never knew i would’ve wanted you this badly. I never knew i would’ve loved you this much.

There are so many things i adore about you, the way you give me weird-looking faces to cheer me up, the way you go into ‘shock mode’ when you fall asleep and how you bring out your sadistic side of you when we talk about the people we dislike. The way you laugh, or look at me, I can’t list them all out. I’ve noticed your imperfections too, but i’ve grown to accept them all. I love your flaws, your insecurities in every single way because that’s what makes you who you are now. Even if you hate yourself for your flaws, i want to spend the rest of my life embracing anything and everything else about you.

Sure, we have our disagreements and conflicts. We argue and get annoyed at each other. when you love someone, you get hurt but you hurt them as well. You wound each other, but if you love them enough, you would love them so hard as to heal them and put their broken pieces back together. You want them to feel better. You want them to feel loved.

Baby, I promise for as long as i can, i won’t give up on you. It gets harder each day, especially when you’re not around but i want to protect your fragile heart for the rest of my life. No matter how difficult things get for us, i won’t give up because life would definitely be much harder if you weren’t around, wouldn’t it? I will wipe away your tears, i will hold you in my arms for as long as you need to be held. Even if you decide to call me at 2am in the morning to sad to say a single word, i will listen to your silence until you fall asleep.  I won’t let you feel insecure anymore, even if it takes months or years for you to feel safe with me. Open up to me, tell me everything about you. Show me what created the demons in you. Who hurt you? Who caused you to feel so sorry for everything?

But the thing is, even if you aren’t certain about the answers within yourself, darling we’ll put on face paint and go demon hunting together. You won’t face this alone. I’m sure of it.

Here’s to us.


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