How many times have I

contemplated running away from 

the misery of this earth 

to me, it just seems like i’m hellbound

this place crushes all my emotions

that i have left of me 

any source of happiness 

or a link to inspiration and hope 

now, i wonder what to do

because no matter how and

what i try 

I will never forgive myself 

for letting myself be scarred 

or for allowing demons 

to voraciously devour 

the remains of my soul


{ a.k }


In my mind

I would always fantasize

about how you and i

would hold hands along the pavement

listen to our favorite songs together

and how I would doze off in

your arms tonight


I think about how i could look

into your eyes so that

I can search for the depths of your soul


I never minded that you

have small eyes

because no matter what

I could still see the magic

still lingering in them


And yet,

when you look into mine

and notice the scars I have

You wouldn’t mind

because I’d be beautiful to you


{ a.k }


Reminiscing the past

memories filled with both

good and bad

I remembered how much

you used to love me

and in that time

you came close and whispered

in my ear,

“Let’s take on this world together.”

but now, I come back to reality

and now, you are no longer

here in my arms

tears stream down my

face like how raindrops

challenge each other to

race down my

bedroom window

and I curl up

into a ball of emptiness