I’m holding onto something

indeed so precious, 


but slowly I’m starting to 

loosen my grips of reality when 

i had my very first heartbreak

I wanted to escape all this 

the pain and sorrow

I wanted to soar up into the sky

and star-gaze as the many stars

illuminated and glowed 

before my eyes

but when i realized

i still had to face reality 

I was alone. Lonely.

Nobody was here to guide me

or cure my sadness

and that was when I found out 

I can’t be saved


{ a.k }



interlocked fingers
long tight hugs
days pass by
then comes the
cold breezy nights
I swear I can hear
the sound of our heartbeats
the sound of roaring tides
and now quietened
by our voices
please let it just
be you and me
let it be


{ a.k }